Have You Had An Accident In The Last 3 Years?

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November 9, 2012 by kitcac

Someone I know very well had a car accident the other day.  Car versus telegraph pole.

Could have been very nasty.

Luckily, no-one was badly injured but the car is a real mess.  This person got a load of hassle for the state of the car.  It’s very awkward to listen to this person getting gyp for crashing the car, there’s lots of sighing and tutting going on.

Then the following day, Bradley Wiggins, our local Olympian and winner of the Tour De France was run over when out training on his bike.

Let me explain the magnitude of this for those unfamiliar with him – he was awarded the “Freedom of Chorley” and had a postbox painted gold for him which everyone in Chorley (apart from me) has been photographed next to.  That is epic.

There has been speculation about what the Freedom of Chorley entitles you to.  It might mean that you get to use the loo in the market toilets which is reserved for stall-holders or perhaps you get into Applejax for free before 11pm.  It’s a very mysterious honour.  But it is an honour nonetheless.

Luckily, Wiggo is on the mend.

I have, however, discovered that being the hundredth person to tell someone that “it could have been worse than a telegraph pole, you could have hit Bradley Wiggins” can make a person very sweary indeed.


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