Is That That Bloke Off….


November 8, 2012 by kitcac

We’re watching The Inbetweeners Movie on Channel 4, even though we’ve got the DVD still wrapped in the cellophane on the shelf beneath the TV.

I sense Deirdre might be getting it for Christmas.  Don’t tell her.

Stavros just recognised one of the actors in the film and asked “is that that bloke off the Kenco adverts who was in Duffy The Vampire Slayer?”

No dear, its the bloke off the Nescafe adverts who was in BUFFY The Vampire Slayer.

I doubt that the Welsh songstress Duffy would be much use against the undead.


3 thoughts on “Is That That Bloke Off….

  1. bobobobobob says:

    It’s Antony Head. He’s in things. I can’t watch him though, because he’s got a tiny hand. That’s fine and I’m not making fun of his tiny hand, but he always tries to hide it when on screen. He’s turned it into a poker-like-waiting-game and I just spend all of his screen-time waiting for him to slip and ‘show his hand’, so to speak.

  2. kitcac says:

    You’ve ruined my life by telling me this. I will be compelled to watch everything he is in from now on and that’s just not right.

  3. Lisa K says:

    Hahaha… Just found myself watching You Tube clips of Anthony Head to verify the hand thing. Productive use of my time while the baby naps. Not. Surprised to realise that I also know that Jeremy Beadle and a woman off Corrie (a hairdresser- can’t remember her name) also have small hands…

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