Something Is Vibrating

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October 26, 2012 by kitcac

There are quite a few things in our house that vibrate.

My phone.  Stavros’s phone.  My tablet.  The baby monitor.  This weird puppy thing of JWop’s.

But if something buzzes, I usually know what it is.

Last night, Stavros and I were watching American Pie The Reunion when the baby monitor vibrated to indicate that the temperature in JWop’s bedroom had slightly increased, so Stavros went and opened a few doors to make it cooler.

Then he came back downstairs and the movie resumed.

A few moments later, I felt something else on the sofa vibrating, but it wasn’t something I recognised.  I checked my phone and the baby monitor just in case, but there were no messages or temp issues.

So I said to Stavros that “something is vibrating”.  His reply was “its my bottom”.

He is really quite a catch.


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