Neighbours Are Baffled

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October 19, 2012 by kitcac

By seemingly quiet neighbour committing [insert alleged crime/dodginess here].

Because he/she was so quiet/polite/always put the bins out the night before the collection.

Really?  Really?

I know the names and at least  one additional fact about my  SEVEN closest neighbours.  This does not mean that I can predict if any of them are serial killers or the sort who would find it funny to watch a video of a woman putting a cat in a wheelie bin.  (I did snarfle a little laugh, I don’t know why because I couldn’t hurt an animal.  Except when fishing.  Do fish count?)

So why do journalists always interview clueless neighbours?  They may as well interview someone from the next town.  Or France.

Here’s Mrs Total Stranger to give her account of something she didn’t even witness…

Lazy lazy lazy.  Tell us nothing rather than tell us idle gossip.


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