Scone, But Not Forgotten


October 11, 2012 by kitcac

Deirdre, JWop, Deirdre’s pal and I went to a cafe today for coffee and cake.  Tis tradition to have cake on a day ending with Y.

Its a lovely cafe with an outdoor courtyard but we sat inside today as it was drizzlin’.

And the scones at this cafe are To Die For.  Clotted cream.  Jam.  Crumbly cakiness.  All over my face.  Nom nom nom.

I love scones.  I have been to Devon approximately 23 times in my life (very specific for an approximate figure, I realise) yet have never had a Devon cream tea there.  I keep meaning to have a one every time I go to Devon, but I end up having gallons of cider instead.  I am too easily distracted by the booze.

On the walk to the cafe today, I kept thinking about the scones, even though I was simultaneously discussing JWop’s birth.

Cakes plus birth stories equals Yum!

You must then feel my pain when we got there to be told that they “don’t have scones at this time of year”.  What the fudge?  Scones are not seasonal!  And I had one at the exact same cafe just five days ago, which strictly speaking is still “this time of year”.  I feel a great sense of injustice.

This sense of injustice was compounded when I bought another type of cake instead – raspberry crumble cake.  There were two lovely thick slabs of it on the counter and one small piece, that was about 43% smaller (hmm, specific) than the other two.

So knowing that I was already heartbroken at the lack of scones, the lady only went and gave me the baby-cake instead of the normal sized piece!

Why would you do that?!  I can only imagine that she was intent on having the other pieces herself, because there is no reason you’d give your customer the pathetic half-cake for £1.95 when there are two great big luscious pieces sitting right next to it!

The little piece was in between the other two pieces, so she even messed up her display by giving me the tiny one.  It left a big gap and made the other two pieces look quite lonely!

Somehow I managed to control myself and didn’t smash my piece of cake to smithereens with my fist, but I really has made my blood boil.

And with a blood sugar level as high as mine from all this cake, I am quite concerned that all this blood-boiling may have turned my blood to caramel.


2 thoughts on “Scone, But Not Forgotten

  1. Kate Bibby says:

    I actually mentally counted all the days of the week as I read this to see how many cakes that would include…… Oh dear….

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