My Dog Has A Drink Problem

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October 11, 2012 by kitcac

Or rather, I have a problem – my dog likes my drinks.

Blue Bear likes beer.  And wine.  And coffee.

Dog + coffee = dog jumping over fence and running into neighbours’ house to bounce off their walls on a Sunday morning when they are having a bacon sandwich.

As a result of this, I try to limit his caffeine intake.

But despite my attempts to keep him off the grog, he’s persistent.  Here’s a photo of him after he climbed onto my lap and tried to stick his face in my cappuccino;

He is just so divine.

This evening, Stavros and I are both feeling a little grotty, so we’re having a rock n roll evening of Beechams Cold & Flu.  Blue must be a bit off colour too as he wanted to get in on the action:

I honestly didn’t think he’d like the smell of it, but he licked the rim of the cup – which I then gave to Stavros to drink, obviously.

Do you have a pet with a drink problem, dear reader?


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