Ehhhh, Sexy Lady! Oppa is Grandma Style!

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October 7, 2012 by kitcac

I went out drinking dirty wine and dirty beer on Friday night and despite my shy and retiring disposition, I ended up dancing to Gangnam Style with an 18 year old boy.

We looked hot diggity dang.  We truly did.  Except maybe the asthmatic breathing I did afterwards.

Luckily, my work colleague who tried to film it on her mobile accidentally filmed her knee instead for three minutes.  I honestly have no idea how she managed to point it in completely the wrong direction.  She was drinking Desperados so that might have been a factor.

After our dance, we saw some Prestonians dancing to “I’m Sexy And I Know It” without a hint of irony.

The worst bit was that they were all doing that side to side dance that your mum or your nan might have done in the 80s.  They didn’t even try to pull any sweet moves that would convince us that they actually were sexy or that they knew it.  They didn’t even do any spins!

It was like watching the audience of Top of The Pops.

Then yesterday, I wondered why I couldn’t bend over to do up my shoes.  It hurts when I walk up stairs.

I know that I am someone’s mum now but I shouldn’t feel like someone’s grandma after a night out.

I had initially thought that the Gangnam Style dance moves would be relatively easy to recreate in a social setting, but I was mistaken.  Perhaps next time, I should avoid the whole bouncing around pretending I am riding a horse having drunk copious amounts of wine and Peroni.

Or maybe I’ll just do some warm up stretches beforehand?

Oh yeah, cos doing stretches in the middle of a pub is so much cooler than looking like someone’s dancing gran.


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