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October 6, 2012 by kitcac

JWop loves to create a Code Brown situation if we are shopping.

Its almost as if he hates shopping as much as me, only I go a bit grumpy and growl “I’ve reached my shopping threshold, I’m at the threshold, its threshold time!”

When the word threshold comes up, Stavros knows its time to get the hell outta the shops!

JWop expresses his threshold forclothes away.pping by pooing in his pants.  Big time.

In his defence, JWop seemingly has a lot in common with a number of customers of Woolworths who smelled so bad that you wanted to stuff till receipts up your schnoz.

He is getting quite a reputation for doing dirty protests whilst shopping:

Location:  BHS Cafe, Preston.

Outcome:  Poo everywhere.  Had to throw his clothes away.

Location:  Abersoch, Welsh Wales.

Outcome:  Got my finger in it.  Had to dismantle the pram to wash it.  JWop ended up wearing ladies clothes which his Auntie Deirdre took off in the street for him to wear.

Location:  Liverpool One, Liverpool

Outcome:  Pooed through his jeans.  Inspected the damage having taken off the jeans and discovered no poop anywhere else on him, just at the back of one knee.  This must be some sort of magic trick.  How does a baby get a poo explosion on the back of his knee and nowhere else?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Amazing Poodini!


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