Who Is The Watchdog For Watchdog?

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October 3, 2012 by kitcac

Isn’t Watchdog a funny word?  It looks a bit German, like Achtung.  I swear I am not on drugs, not even a Beechams Cold & Flu.

Watchdog was great tonight, Anne Robinson was on form.  She was grilling a bloke who said that ALL properties in the UK are at risk of flooding, even those 21 metres higher than the nearest river.

“Has your house flooded?  Well, has it?  HAS YOUR HOUSE FLOODED?”  In an nutshell, his house hadn’t flooded.  Then she did her evil grin.  Well, the functioning side of her face grinned.

Then there was the old lady who bought a sewing machine and tried to send it back only to be told by the seller of the machine that he “wished she would die”.  That’s not very polite.  Even so, Stavros and I were in stitches!  Muhahaha!

And then there were the consumers (pronounced “losers”) who were complaining that FIFA 13 was not working on their machine-things.  Who cares?  Go outside and while you’re at it, do some stretches!

Regrettably, Watchdog chose to show some of the complaints that the FIFA 13 consumers/losers had posted on Facebook.  Hardly comments worthy of the Oxford Union.

I was (and am) outraged.  Outraged I tell you!

So this is what John Howard (he is a very quick typist, so this only took seconds) sent to Watchdog:

Dear Watchdog,

I was very disappointed to see that tonight’s programme featured complaints made by facebook users about FIFA 13 which contained language unbefitting of the BBC. 

Whilst I appreciate that most gamers are illiterate as well as deficient in vitamin D, I was absolutely mortified to see on screen that “Stevie” felt that the game was making him “greyr n greyr” and that it was a “waste of f!ckn money”.

Surely my licence fee would be better spent finding complaints that are legible and not offensive to decent viewers like myself and my wife Pat?


John Howard.

Please baby Jesus, please let Anne Robinson apologise to fake John Howard on air next week!


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