The Chorley Black Pudding and Erotica Festival

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September 30, 2012 by kitcac

We wandered to the shops on Saturday, even though I felt like death warmed up, only to be confronted by this:

I think (hope?) it was supposed to be a sausage to advertise the Black Pudding & Sausage Festival, but why can’t they have a cooked sausage costume instead to avoid any erotic confusion?  And you can’t really call it a festival if there’s only a single gazebo and not even a sniff of beer or bunting.

It is False Advertising.

I noticed that if you look at the people in the background, they could be from any era in the last 40 years.  Their clothing is timeless!

If Deirdre had been there, she would have tried to wrap her legs around Mr Sausage, cos that’s how she rolls.

Once on a trip to Barcelona, she forced me to go into the Museum Of Erotica (I only laughed and pointed at stuff because of Peer Pressure, I’m very against all that).  There was a six foot winky in the museum and she wrapped her legs around it, forcing me to laugh and point (against my will) and take a number of photographs (both portrait and landscape).

When we got home, we were showing the photos to our grandparents and had forgotten all about the pic of Deirdre with the man-sized widgey woo.  My nan saw it and said “oh dearie me”.  We were mortified but she insisted on seeing the photos again later on, having a bit of a chuckle to herself.

I have no idea how we turned out like this.  I mean, if our parents and a large group of their friends got thrown out of a certain type of shop in Amsterdam for laughing then that might go some way to explaining it.

But that’s just hypothetical….


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