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September 30, 2012 by kitcac

Stavros is hungover.  He won’t go back to bed but is instead sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands.  He isn’t looking up.  He isn’t speaking.  He’s just….there.

At least when I’m rough I get out of people’s way.  I hate people when I’m rough.  And I hate birds too.

Tweet tweet stupid tweeting birds tweeting when I’m hungover!

I asked Stavros why he didn’t just go back to bed.  Like now please.

Apparently he doesn’t feel like he can be in bed because he’s “a dad now”.  Plus he has things to do.  He says he has to “get his ducks in order”.  Hmmm….

By that, I think that he feels he needs to get his house in order or he needs to line up his ducks.

I’m not sure how you put ducks in order as they are roughly all the same size.  Unless he is mistaking a moorhen for a mallard?  Moorhens are far smaller than ducks, which are in turn smaller than swans.  FACT!

Either way, I doubt that fowl of any kind would be co-operative with his plans for an orderly queue.  Plus he’s bound to get bird poo on his hands which is not going to help his nausea.


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