Eyes Down, We’re Playing X Factor Bingo!


September 29, 2012 by kitcac

I have decided to cash in on the Christmas board game market by creating a new concept in family fun.

You basically have a bingo card with various phrases on which X Factor contestants and judges may or may not say.

The first one to fill the bingo card wins a recording contract.  Whoever comes second in X Factor bingo will have longevity of musical success.

So if you would like to try it out then have a bash with the phrases I have typed out below (alas, I posted my prototype to Dragon’s Den and forgot to include a stamped addressed envelope so have none of my proper bingo cards at the mo):

  • This is my last chance
  • I sing when I get up and I sing before I go to sleep
  • I have been singing since I was born
  • This is all I want to do
  • I think that you could be the next big thing
  • You smashed it
  • This means so much to me
  • I want it more than anyone
  • That was a bit dated/karaoke/cruise ship/working mens club
  • I hope the public keep you in
  • Sing your heart out
  • My cat/goldfish/budgie died
  • I have a sore throat and haven’t been allowed to sing for a week
  • I live in a flat

I would be very grateful if you would pick 5 out of the 14 phrases above and play along at home with your family watching next week.  Do let me know how you get on.

Many thanks in advance.


One thought on “Eyes Down, We’re Playing X Factor Bingo!

  1. bobobobobob says:

    You could also add literally anything that Lewis Waltz says too. If you manage to not cringe your eyebrows off, you immediately win.

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