What Rhymes With Pleb?

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September 22, 2012 by kitcac

I love the word “pleb” but I rarely use it.  I remember it being on the same sort of level as “divvy”, so that might be why I don’t use it.

I do love the full word though, which is “plebeian”.  Ooooh, its so exotic!

Plebeian!  Plebeian!

The Tory Chief Whip has now admitted to swearing at police but he has not admitted calling them plebs.  Perhaps it is because that would reduce him to the level of a 1980s Chorley school kid.

Just admit it dude!

Its not as if there are many other words that rhyme with pleb that would be used as insults that the police might have mistakenly thought were said.  “You effing web” is hardly going to make a police officer cry.

He might have said “You effing greb”.  That’s an interesting situation.  A greb is a big honk of snot.  It is also a verb.  To greb is to “hock a goober” as the Americans say.  So perhaps Andrew Mitchell called the police officer an “effing greb”.

That would be far worse than pleb.

So come on Mitch, admit you said pleb, we can all then laugh at you using the word pleb and you can resign or whatever and you’ll still be minted and if you do all that then I promise I will start using the word pleb on your behalf so that it does not disappear from the English language and everyone can move on.



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