How Does My Tiny Female Brain Cope When My Husband Is Out?

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September 20, 2012 by kitcac

Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be!

Yes, tonight Matthew, I’m going to be Doris Day!  Not really, I’m only joking!  Doris Day just got fierce!

I am in the process of switching energy suppliers from British Gas to EDF.

You may be interested to hear that the chap who last week asked me how my husband is going to pay for the work on our house told me that his “missus” wanted to switch to EDF because SHE LIKED THE LITTLE ORANGE THING ON THE ADVERTS.  Now that is a woman who needs to be grabbed by the shoulders and be shaken vigorously.  She is really letting the side down.

Anyhoo, British Gas rang to try to convince the Kitcac household to stick with them.  It went like this:

British Gas:  Hi, is Mr Kitcac in please?

Me:  NO.

BG:  Is that Mrs Kitcac?

Me:  Yes.

BG:  Hi, its Ian calling from British Gas.  Is it Mr Kitcac that deals with the bills or do you deal with them TOGETHER?

I told Stavros the story when he got home and at this point he started laughing and pointing at me saying “Ha ha, you don’t know how to pay the gas bill on your own!”

I was poised to pounce after last week’s Doris Day moment but I wanted to be sure that I hadn’t misheard, so I said “Excuuuuuuuse me?”

BG:  Is it Mr Kitcac that deals with the bills or do you deal with them TOGETHER?

Yes, I had heard correctly.  Uh oh Ian!  Uh oh!

Me:  Does my husband deal with the bills or do we deal with them together?  Are you saying that I can’t pay a gas bill on my own?  Are you saying that I’m not perfectly capable of paying a gas bill without input from my husband?!!”

BG:  Sorry about that Mrs Kitcac, so it’s you that deals with the bills?  Can I go through security with you for data protection purposes?

Me:  No!  Because you rang me!  I’m leaving British Gas!  I’m not staying with you!  Thanks very much, goodbye!


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