Like This Photo If….


September 13, 2012 by kitcac

You Love Your Children.

Seriously?  Why?!!!  No, I will not be clicking it, thank you very much.

Why do people click these things?  Who creates them?  What’s the motivation behind creating them?

It’s just so…. odd.

If you were to look back on the way you were treated when you were brought up by whoever brought you up, you’re unlikely to say “I don’t think that my parents loved me because they never took an advert out in the local press or circulated a newsletter telling random strangers that they loved me”.

Your kids are unlikely to need therapy because you didn’t demonstrate your love for them by clicking on a link on Facebook.

Why do these things get so many clicks?

I don’t think “Oh, I can see that suchabody has clicked to say that he/she loves their kids – just in time as I was about to ring Social Services on them for not publicly gushing about it”

It’s an epidemic that is sweeping the world – stealth loving.

It goes a bit like this:

Yes, I’ve got however many kids, we have a lovely life, blah blah blah, I’m going to click this photo that will pop up in your newsfeed to show you that I love my kids just to reiterate it to you, blah blah blah, even though it probably never crossed your mind that I wouldn’t quite like my own offspring anyway”

There’s also those irritating instances of congratulating people who are not on Facebook ON FACEBOOK.  They can’t see it so why are you doing that?!

“Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous (or gawjus… cringe) husband/wife, love you babes/hun”, usually accompanied by the obligatory photo of whatever generic gift they bought.

If I can see that your spouse is not on Facebook and therefore cannot see your gushing message, why have you done that?  Is it for my benefit and that of 400 strangers?  Are you over-compensating or what?

If anything, these unilateral public displays of affection suggest to the reader that something is amiss in your relationship.  You are telling the world that everything is fabulous.  You are not saying it to the person who you should be saying it to.  Because they aren’t on Facebook!

It’s only about the appearance of your relationship to others and it’s nothing to do with whether your relationship actually reflects what you’re saying to the world.

I can imagine the conversation: “Darling, I put a message on Facebook saying happy anniversary to you, but you won’t have seen it because you aren’t on Facebook”.

Spouse: “Er, ok.  Thanks for that.”  Spouse then wonders whether they were meant to put a message on Twitter, even though the other half is not on Twitter.

Anyway, please feel free to share a link to this blog if you love someone, even if that person doesn’t know how to work the internet.


5 thoughts on “Like This Photo If….

  1. Sarah says:

    Haha! I just did a happy 40th wedding anniversary to my parents (mom is on fb but she can’t remember her log in) and the truth is my sister and I are no good and didn’t do anything for it. So true, probably overcompensating. I actually knew it was a weird thing to do when I did it, too. And the next day I said oh, ma! I put a happy anniversary status up on fb and like 25 people liked it! And she was kinda like, who gives a &$@!! Lol! I suck. :/

  2. bobobobobob says:

    A lot of people also seem to think that heaven has a particularly good link in to facebook feeds.

    • kitcac says:

      And the government sees everything you do on facebook, naturally.
      They’re sat in the Houses of Parliament Internet Cafe scrolling through facebook to see whether people like “work shy benefit scroungers” or not.

  3. kitcac says:

    And it is not going to stop animal cruelty either, so I don’t need to see your photo of a mange-ridden dog.

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