Just Me and Two Veg

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September 4, 2012 by kitcac

I was reminded of today’s happenings when I found a half-eaten carrot on my dining room table.  I’d bought it at Chorley Market, the entrance of which is a triangle, by the way.

Anyway, I had been interrupted eating my carrot.  That’s not the story I’m telling.

I was buying my fruit and veg at the market and had parked JWop’s pram next to the plums as usual.  I then got stuck behind a bloke who had decided that today was the day that he would cook for himself for the first time in his life.

The conversation went like this:

Man:  What potatoes are the best potatoes to make mashed potatoes?

Market Lady:  Erm, hang on.  (asks Market Girl who just says first type of potato that pops into her head).  Yeah, that’s right, King Edwards.

Man:  I’ll have some of them then.

Market Lady: How many do you want?

Man:  Just enough for me.

Market Lady:  Well how hungry are you?

Man:  I’m quite hungry.  I’ll have some sprouts too.

Market Lady:  How many sprouts do you want?

Man:  Just enough for me…. (etc etc etc)

As I stood there, I felt a mixture of emotions – mild irritation, immense boredom, but mainly wanting to drop the F-Bomb and tell him to start his culinary career with a microwave ready meal.

I had been reminiscing a few days ago about my days working in retail at the late great Woolies.  People like this bloke make me glad I’m not currently dealing with humans.


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