Shaddap Your Mouth!

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September 2, 2012 by kitcac

Stavros, JWop and I went for a walk in the park tonight with Blue Dog.  We saw a dark-haired bespectacled man carrying a plastic supermarket bag.

I got quite giddy and shouted out to Stavros (who was stood next to me, I am unnecessarily loud) “Its Angelos Epithemiou!”.

This was followed by us both chanting “What’s in your bag Angelos? Tell us what’s in your bag, you *******”

Then Blue Dog bounded up to the chap, who at this stage was still quite far away.  Angelos had to avoid tripping over Blue so I shouted “Sorry about him!” and he said in a normal-volume voice that it was ok.

It became evident that as we could hear him speaking perfectly, he had heard me shouting that he was Angelos Epithemiou and probably heard the what’s in your bag thing.

I appreciate that this could be quite insulting.  However, when Angelos turns into Dan Renton Skinner he is Geek-Hot!

Something else also happened in the park – we saw THREE people wearing white trousers and ONE person wearing what I would describe as Sandra-Dee-yellow capri pants.  This should never happen.  Parks are for mud, football, kids jumping in puddles and dogs.

The park is no place for white or pastel yellow trousers.  There is no place on earth for white or yellow trousers if you have to tuck both of your stomachs into the waistband.  Just don’t do that.  Wear something else.  Preferably in the correct size.


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