Rock-Climb With Jesus


September 2, 2012 by kitcac

I went on a roadtrip last week.

It was more successful than the last roadtrip, during which JWop vomited into the hood of my hoodie in Costa Coffee at 4am in the morning and I was left in quite a predicament.

How does one remove a hoodie with vomit in the hood whilst holding a baby and preventing that baby from grabbing your grande cappuccino?

Anyhow, on my roadtrip I discovered that I have made my friends and family nervous with this blog as I am hearing things like “don’t talk about this light fitting on your Wrongmove thing”.  For what its worth, the light-fitting in question cannot compare to the lovely triple pendant effort on the landing of the House of Hooks.

However, I was very disappointed to find out when having a look round a friend’s new pad that I missed out on seeing a huge poster that was encouraging us to rock-climb with Jesus.  Or it might have been rock-climb for Jesus.

Regardless of which one it was, they had disposed of the poster before I could enrich my life by looking at it.

I wondered what Jesus would look like if he went rock-climbing, so of course I googled it.  Apparently, other people have also wondered what the Son of God would look like having a crack at various sports.  Not just wondered, but they have created action figures in his likeness.

I would quite like to see surfing Jesus, but as he can already walk on water he wouldn’t need a board.  It would just be Jesus in a wetsuit, the thought of which makes me quite uncomfortable.

What sports would you like to see deities doing, dear reader?


One thought on “Rock-Climb With Jesus

  1. kitcac says:

    Stavros has just suggested “God as a DJ”. Excellent choice. What a raver!

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