Lion on the Loose in Essex

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August 27, 2012 by kitcac

There has been a lot of coverage on the news about possible sightings of a lion on the loose in Essex.

I have my fingers crossed that it is actually a drunk person in a pantomime lion.  Even though there is no such thing as a pantomime lion.

It would be excellent though.  I like to think that there will be armed police surrounding a disused shed in a field when this stumbles out….

beastly drunk

In my head, the poor sod would then have to be interviewed on the BBC even though he/she is still stocious drunk and it would all be vairy vairy hilarious, like the time they interviewed that taxi driver from the Congo about a courtcase involving Apple and he just winged it.

I also read that the lion was heard by a couple indulging in some late night board games.  This is what the Daily Mail said:

Che Kevlin, 40, who lives nearby the scene of  the drama, described hearing the lion roar.  He said: ‘I was sitting with my wife in the front room playing backgammon at around 10pm when I heard this very loud roar.  It was very, very loud. I’ve only heard what a lion sounds like on TV wildlife programmes, but it was definitely that.’

I am not sure whether “playing backgammon” is a euphemism.  How many 40 year olds play backgammon on a bank holiday weekend?  Is this what I have to look forward to within the next decade?

As you will see, Che is quite adamant that it was DEFINITELY A LION ROARING.  If it turns out to be a drunk person in a costume, his pals at backgammon club are going to laugh at him.

They might even roar with laughter.  Haw haw!


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