Cash In Every Room of the House Except in the Attic

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August 27, 2012 by kitcac

I have been watching Cash in the Attic in a state of wonderment.  It has been broadcast for about 1000 years and I have yet to see an episode in which they actually go into someone’s attic.

What is all that about?  Isn’t that misrepresentation?

I felt compelled to contact the BBC’s Points of View team to air my concerns.  On perusing the POV webpage, I filled in the form so that John Howard can advise them of what is (in their words) an “on-air howler”.  It makes me cringe when the BBC use words like “howler”.

John kindly pointed out that the error in the program is that “No-one ever goes in the attic”.

I will let you know if John Howard gets a reply from them.  If they re-brand the TV show, you’ll probably read about it in the TV Times.


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