Banned Because of Beans


August 27, 2012 by kitcac

I have posted before about the house raffle page upon which I had made various comments about the lack of loo roll holders.

Unfortunately, someone else started commenting on the page that they were going to start a raffle to win a tin of beans and this made me go a bit giddy.  I started making comments about “how can I be sure that you own the beans?” and “will you upgrade the prize to a tin of beans with mini sausages in?”

As a result, I have had my comments deleted from the house raffle page and I have been banned from accessing it or even viewing it!  But I thought it was for charidee!

They didn’t account for the fact that the person who started the page has a fully public profile on facebook, so if I want to see where I can buy a ticket for the house raffle (ahem!) I just click on his name and go to the page via his facebook page.  Doh!

It was rather upsetting (read upsetting as “satisfying”) to be banned from a charity raffle page for making comments about baked beans.

Since then, I have also had some very innocent (honestly) comments removed from a facebook page which has historic photos of Chorley on.  Apparently, various members of this history-appreciation page had been messaging each other with abusive comments.  The admin of the page had to put an announcement on telling them all to play nicely.

This is just hilarious.  These are grown adults who are looking at old photos of Chorley and the surrounding villages, such as war memorials, the canal system and disused mills and they are sending each other abuse!  Whaaaaaat?!

I made a comment that I very much enjoy reading a bit of public arguing.  Someone then replied and said something along the lines of “any sort of arguing is out of order”.  I then pointed out that there appeared to have arisen an argument about arguing.

I simply said “oh dear, are we arguing about arguing? :)”

You can all see the SMILEY FACE on the end of that, can’t you?!  I did a smiley face.  I am in my 30s and I did a smiley face in public.  Oh the shame.  Am I twelve years old or what?

In any event, my comment about arguing about arguing was apparently so inflammatory that it had to be deleted “to avoid a public argument”.  What the blazes?  I did a schmiley schmiley face!

It goes without saying that this just makes me want to write things on there that are actually going to start public arguments.  And I have also noticed that if you type the word “arguing” repeatedly, it looks like a spelling mistake.  I had to google it just to check how to spell it, even though I am a top spellster.

In other news, if anyone wants to win a tin of baked beans by buying a £50 ticket, please be on your guard as I think that it might just be a scam.


2 thoughts on “Banned Because of Beans

  1. kitcac says:

    Just a quick update: I’m now banned from the Chorley page for putting a comment on about arguing about arguing. With a smiley face.
    I had better not do this face 😛 which is a face sticking its tongue out because I don’t want anyone to ring the internet police on me and get me arrested for being a danger to society.

    • Long Grain Rice says:

      Hahahahaha – you should set up a Kitcac facebook page to a) promote this site, b) allow people a place where they can argue without fear of retribution and c) allow you to ban those who refuse to argue.

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