Sarah Beeny Would Not Be Pleased


August 20, 2012 by kitcac

It appears that the house raffle is picking up huge amounts of interest.  They have said that they are working with (and are going to make a donation to) a local children’s charity, but the charity has never heard of it.

This just makes me want to annoy them even more.  Here’s a photo of a different bathroom.  I actually quite like the tiles.

Kitcac: Again, no loo roll holder. You’re really limiting your market by designing a house for non-bum-wipers.


3 thoughts on “Sarah Beeny Would Not Be Pleased

  1. It is possible to purchase standalone toilet roll holders rather than damage the tiles – we have a standalone one. Do think that there behaviour has been shocking though – as you said deleting comments isn’t going to help, it will just enforce the view that it is a scam!!

  2. Pete says:

    perhaps loo rolls are heated on the rail beside the toilet pan?

  3. kitcac says:

    This seems to have really captured my readers’ imaginations.
    Very innovative ideas on the loo roll situation. Well done all!

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