Sleb Spotting

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August 18, 2012 by kitcac

I love slebritties.  They are great.

Sometimes, I see them when I am going about my daily business and I take photos of them, like a pap.

On a recent holiday in Devon, I saw Rod Hull and Colonel Sanders.

Rod Hull is not dead after all.  He is alive and well and living in Totnes, Devon, where he has made a makeshift camp on a roundabout in the town centre.  I took a photo of him tending to his Verbena.


I also came across Colonel Sanders having a nice time on his holidays at the Mill Pond on the River Dart at Stoke Gabriel.  At first, I thought it was the old chap from Jurassic Park, but it clearly wasn’t as there aren’t any dinosaur stickers on his car.

Here he is…


Somewhere on various PCs I have a disturbing number of photos of slebs on their holidays.  I will put it on my to do list to have a rummage for them so that you can read my online version of Heat magazine’s “Spotted” pages.


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