I sense a lottery win coming on in the region of 86 million Ugandan dollars

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August 16, 2012 by kitcac

One of the interesting things (well, not really that interesting) about doing a blog is that you get to see the stats for your blog.

I like to say the word “stats” in a really urgent manner, as if I am in an operating theatre.  STATS!

Anyhoo, I have readers in the UK, the USA, Australia, Ireland, France and Spain who are most probably all related to me and just read the blog out of sympathy or to encourage me to keep blogging and thereby ensure my brain still remembers words.

But today my stats (STATS!) show that someone in Benin (?) has been reading my blog.  What thaaaaaa?

I am usually quite good at pub quizzes but I had to google it.  Here are some facts about Benin:

  1. Benin is in West Africa, next to Togo and Nigeria.
  2. Its currency is the CFA Franc.
  3. 30% of its exports are edible nuts.
  4. There are no famous people at all who come from Benin.


So why is someone in Benin reading my blog?  Do they like the QS Fashions building?  Do they also have a strong dislike of Virgin Mobile?  I very much doubt it – surely they wouldn’t be able to get a signal?!

There’s only one reason that someone in Benin would be reading my blog.

Quite obviously, I have won the Beninese lottery and they have had to track me down through the world wide web in order to email me and reunite me with my winnings.  I fear that there may be a problem with the banks though and I may need to transfer a few thousand pounds to the kind soul in Benin who has tracked me down to cover the bank’s fees and get my lottery win released.

I’m guessing that I’ll be getting approximately 86 million Ugandan dollars (converted of course to Beninese CFA Francs and then transferred to my account once I’ve sent my life savings to Africa).

That’ll be nice.


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