I’m shaking like a polaroid pickcha

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July 31, 2012 by kitcac

I have been in about four newsagents today on a mission to find a Chorley Guardian.  They DO come out on a Tuesday, I just don’t know what time.

I’m ashamed to say that my mission started before 9am at a Spar shop.  I was also buying bread but I did do an excited little jump in my seat during the drive there.  I was not successful.

I then tried a supermarket, a big newsagent and a small newsagent.  The mission then got postponed (got a bit hungry and also had an appointment to get to, hence killing time in various papershops).

So far, I don’t have a Chorley Guardian to see if my penpal wrote back about John Howard’s suggestion that he present a seminar at Chorley Library.  I’m shaking with anticipation.

I’m also interested to see whether this weekend’s blaze at QS Fashions (as reported in the Lancashire Evening Post) will scupper any plans for a seminar.  I was quite disappointed that the LEP referred to the QS Fashions building as a mere “landmark”.

Surely they would agree that it is a “red and blue bricked icon?”

On the positive side, it didn’t do Windsor Castle any harm to get a bit of a revamp when that burnt down.  They could perhaps call in Sarah Beeny or Channel 4’s Restoration Man to restore QS to its former glory.

I did a recce of Chorley Library today to see whether there is enough capacity for the seminar.  I’m pleased to say that if they remove part of the fiction section (authors D to L) we could probably manage to accommodate at least sixteen more people.

One huge problem is that people in the library appear to want to talk to each other.  Perhaps more worryingly, people in the library appear to want to talk to me.  I don’t like to talk to strangers.  In fact, I often don’t like to talk to people I actually know.

I definitely don’t like to talk to strangers who are visibly not wearing bras.  I can’t concentrate on looking for literature when someone’s nipple is staring at me (staring at it).

See what I did there?  Staring at it.  Staring a tit.


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