Whatever John Howard! QS Rocks!


July 30, 2012 by kitcac

My “penpal” replied to my first letter along the lines of “nice letter John Howard, I hear you, but QS still rocks”.

He completely ignored what I had to say about the bus station looking like Sydney Opera House.

Metaphorically, he held his right hand up to his forehead (palm facing outwards), simultaneously extending his index finger upwards and his thumb at a 90 degree angle thereto (like this: L ).  In street talk, he was signalling that he thought that I was a loser.

He didn’t take anything I had to say on board and suggested that I have a walk round the QS Fashions building to see if it would change my mind.  So I took myself on a journey.

Not a literal journey of course, I have no reason to be at that end of town since Kwik Save shut.

I took a journey in my mind and decided that I would pretend to go to the chippy and pretend to take a detour to the QS Fashions building and pretend that I had stood there and drunk it all in, every last triangle.  I would then pretend that my penpal had twisted my arm.

I had succumbed to the intoxicating beauty of this iconic building, yes sirree.

So I sent this letter to the Chorley Guardian (again by email, stamps are still 50p and I don’t foresee them being reduced any time soon):

Dear Chorley Guardian,

I once again read the letter from James Lancaster with keen interest.

His strong feelings that the QS Fashions building ought to be viewed from every possible standpoint caused me to pay it a visit on my way home from a very satisfying lunch at the Big Lamp Chippy (your restaurant reviewer really should try the steak pudding – its highly palatable). 

You could say that my interest in the QS building has well and truly been piqued (or sticking with our triangular theme, you could say it has been “peaked!”).  I would even go so far as to admit it has relegated the Bus Interchange into second place in my mind.

I really do think that James should try to organise some sort of seminar, perhaps at Chorley Library (maybe it could feature a powerpoint presentation).  This would allow others with a similar curiosity for local architecture to learn about this striking building.

I have even spoken to a friend of mine in Thornton Cleveleys who used to know it as the Normid building and he says that he would probably take a trip to Chorley to hear more of what James has discovered in his perusals.

I’m sure that given the right amount of publicity in the Chorley Guardian, James could have a great turnout to a seminar, which would mean that more of Chorley’s townsfolk will become fans of the red and blue bricked icon here on our doorsteps.

Then they only went and bladdy published my letter again!

I was beginning to wonder if they actually read them or if they just get them in and say “Ey up, there’s another letter here.  That makes two this week that aren’t about parking.  Get it copied and pasted!”

But they DO read them because they deleted the bit about the Chorley Guardian publicising my penpal’s seminars which he might well be holding at Chorley Library.

Obviously, the Guardian was reluctant to commit any column inches to the QS seminar at this stage because, lets face it, they don’t want to be accused of favouritism if someone should come along and agree with me about the bus station and suggest that I do a powerpoint presentation at the library instead.

Oooooh hoooooo, its Tuesday tomorrow, aka Chorley Guardian day.  Only one more sleep!


2 thoughts on “Whatever John Howard! QS Rocks!

  1. . . name withheld to maintain sanity says:

    As a bastion of architecture I am amazed that mr Howard has missed the triangular symphony offered by the windows of the all season leisure centre providing a solace of light along chorley boulevard (bypass to the lesser trained eye) particularly as the cold winter evening are now upon us . . or the subliminal message provided on google earth by the collingwood trading estate proving that triangulation and the beautiful symmetry in its natural form is deep rooted in chorley’s landscape . . .

    • kitcac says:

      Wow Name Withheld, that is so enlightening. I will put my kagoule on and head to the leisure centre this afternoon.

      And afterwards I’ll pour myself a horlicks, boot up google earth and prepare to be blown away.

      Thanks in advance!

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