QS Fashions v Chorley Interchange

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July 27, 2012 by kitcac

On reading that wonderful piece of correspondence on 25 May 2012, I knew I had to act.

It was my civic responsibility.  It was my duty to speak out on behalf of other Chorley landmarks with triangles on them.  They had no-one else to turn to.  Just me.

Well, not me as it turns out.  Some made up person called John Howard.  I wasn’t going to use my actual name in the newspaper, I’ve got a rep to protect.

So John Howard wrote this letter to the Chorley Guardian (by email of course – second class stamps cost FIFTY PENCE!):

Dear Chorley Guardian,

The letter from James Lancaster regarding the QS Fashions building caught my eye when reading this week’s Chorley Guardian.  I too have a keen interest in the architecture of Chorley and had also noted the triangular features of this significant building.

However, Mr Lancaster’s observations may be misguided as he appears to suggest that the QS Fashions building has been built with triangular features to reflect its location.  I would respectfully submit that that is not necessarily the case, bearing in mind other landmarks in Chorley which have three-sided characteristics, regardless of their location.

One only has to look at the Market Walk development which has signage in triangular form and the stunning triangular entrances to the covered market.  Further, one should also appreciate the roof apex of the Chorley Interchange, which dominates the locality.  When viewing the Interchange from the perspective of the loading yard behind B&M Bargains, there are triangular attributes which seem to give an architectural nod to the famed roof of the Sydney Opera House.

Perhaps there is a little-known historic link between Chorley and the triangle?  Do any other readers have a favourite Chorley landmark which features triangles?

Kind regards,

John Howard

And then they only went and bladdy printed it!

To say it was the happiest day of my life would be a slight exaggeration, seeing as I’ve had a wedding day, had a baby and I also once met Toby Mangel from the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours.

Regrettably, poor Toby was shirlied mid-conversation (refer to my helpful Glossary for more info on this term) as I just got so excited that I was overcome by the gravity of the situation and I shouted (breathlessly) to Toby that “I’ve gotta go and ring my sistaaaaaaaa!”.  I then did an about turn and ran off to find a payphone (it was the year 2000).

But anyway, you can probably appreciate that when I saw my letter in the Chorley Guardian, I was “chuffed butts” as my dear chum Pipe would say.

Little did I know that my joy would build up to a very satisfactory level by late July.


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